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You look man, some people say that God ain't real
'cause they don't see how a good God can exist with all this evil in the world.
If God is real then He should stop all this evil, 'cause He's all-powerful right?
What is evil though man? It's anything that's against God.
It's anything morally bad or wrong. It's murder, rape, stealing, lying, cheating.
But if we want God to stop evil, do we want Him to stop it all or just a little bit of it?
If He stops us from doing evil things, what about lying, or what about our evil thoughts?
I mean, where do you stop, the murder level, the lying level, or the thinking level?
If we want Him to stop evil, we gotta be consistent, we can't just pick and choose.
That means you and I would be eliminated right? Because we think evil stuff.
If that's true, we should be eliminated!
But thanks be to God that Jesus stepped in to save us from our sin!
Christ died for all evilness!

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Fina bilder.

Svar: Tack.

2014-06-17 @ 17:50:49
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Postat av: Hanna Karlsson

Fina bilder!

Svar: Ty :)

2014-06-17 @ 22:13:22
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Det är något speciellt med eldbilder :-)

2014-06-17 @ 22:24:59
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Jätte coola bilder! :)


Svar: Tack!

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Postat av: SARA EMILIA'S mode & fotografi

Fina bilder :)

Svar: Tack :)

2014-06-20 @ 14:26:06
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åh mys.. så fina bilder

Svar: Tack :)

2014-06-20 @ 23:35:42
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